Winnie Harlow is the new face of Desigual. 

    She betta win

    This is important. .



    Cole cares.

    Tell me Jermaine ain’t everything! Tell me he not!

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    I love how people think shit like this ^^^ is just for laughs, when it’s true and far from a joke. That’s really the kind of mentality we have to face just by living our lives.

    I go back and watch Debra’s and Aries’ sketches now(which I’m sure they wrote) and…



    Go Off Meredith Grey !

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    Phillip Agnew of The Dream Defenders. The Dream Defenders is a human rights organization that’s building leadership and power among young people of colour to challenge racism in their communities.Phillip Agnew on All In








    Yeah, just ONE scene…

    You crack me up! One girl in each scene? Wow you are so progressive! How many black girls were seen twerking vs. ballet/ribboning?
    Answer one and sometimes none. She is continuing stereotypes and needs to realize its bull.

    I especially love the scene where she’s crawling under the women, but the only woman’s ass that you can fully see on screen is the black woman’s.  Good Morning America showed that on TV this morning! YAY!!

    It really is a wonder to behold.  Truly.  Coupled that with what the guy said about the ballet scene featuring only white dancers is truly inspiring.  We all know that ballet is a “whites only” dance genre.  There probably weren’t ANY ballerinas of color anyway (but let’s all pretend as if the majority of professional dancers don’t have training in ballet). 

    Oh and let’s really appreciate her tiptoe into blackness.  Look at her, really representin’ for the peeps, with her gold chains, enormous hoop earrings, gelled baby hairs, booty shorts and shit.  So refreshing and not at all like all the other white artists that have put on blackness for “fun” and “edginess”.  

    Way to go, Taylor!  You’ve reached a whole new level of basic and unoriginal art.  Woohoo!!!!

    To be fair though, the OP was calling out the bullshit in the tweet. I don’t like Taylor, but you don’t have to lie to get your point across.

    People are really reaching. When did ballet become “whites only”? And “gelled down baby hairs”….bish where??!

    ^^^ honestly, very talented black ballerinas are treated like absolute shit, WORLD WIDE. i got told at auditions for schools in German AND New york that i was “wonderful,” but that my skin color “was all wrong”. and the racism within the ballet world is even apparent in its most famed members because they constantly say shit like “the entire ballet company…there skin should be as pale as a freshly pealed apple” and other bullshit. it didnt “become” whites only, it always has been and the majority are fighting to keep it that way.

    which is why Dance theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey was created.

    Thank you for that. I don’t no squat about ballet.